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Warbler Press is proud to announce the publication of Facing the Mountain: Poems on Dying and Death, Caregiving and Hope by Linda C. Welsh and Nietzsche Now!: The Great Immoralist on the Vital Issues of Our Time by Glenn Wallis.

This Warbler Classics Annotated Edition includes Amy Kaplan’s illuminating article, “The Spectacle of War in Crane’s Revision of History” and a detailed biographical timeline.

“The framework…established in the novel provide[s] a lens…to view international warfare.”
—Amy Kaplan, from the Afterword

“There was no real literature of our Civil War…until Stephen Crane wrote The Red Badge of Courage.” 
—Ernest Hemingway

“As to ‘masterpiece,’ there is no doubt that The Red Badge of Courage is that.”
—Joseph Conrad

“A spectacularly inventive novel…Reading it is like walking the half-deserted streets of Eliot’s famous poem. It is an unforgettable experience.”
—Patrick R. Query, author of Ritual and the Idea of Europe in Interwar Writing

“Ashley’s delightfully playful novel reminds us that we are still learning to read the poem that made Eliot famous. She offers us fun, but smart fun.”
—Michael Coyle, Colgate University

To Murder and Create is an extraordinarily creative and engaging historical novel loosely structured around T. S. Eliot’s paradigm-bending modernist poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Set in Boston of 1915, an array of eccentric and eminently charming tenants inhabit a boardinghouse sternly governed by a rule-bound yet likable landlady…a captivating glimpse of an authentically rendered bygone world brimming with timeless questions of the heart and mind.

“Groovy, Man is a refreshing take on the countercultural memoir. From drug-dealing to Greenpeace activism to multiple marriages and divorces, Tussman offers a warts-and-all look at his relationships and life choices. It’s an absorbing story, amusing, poignant, and full of insight into the joys and tribulations of the sixties generation in California.”
—Frank Zelko, author of Make It a Green Peace

“David Tussman was on the scene when the Free Speech Movement erupted out of the San Francisco Bay area and not long after when Greenpeace eco-freaks were confronting Russian whalers on the high seas. In Groovy, Man Tussman offers telling glimpses behind the scenes of the intrigue and dalliances of would-be rabble-rousing warriors.”
—Jon Hinck is a lawyer in private practice and the former Campaign Director for Greenpeace International

“D. H. Lawrence was an incomparable observer and his travel writings are among his finest prose.”
—The Guardian

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