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“A manifesto in the best tradition of Emma Goldman and Colin Ward. If you are not an anarchist (yet?)—this book is for you.” —Uri Gordon, author of Anarchy, State and Revolution and Anarchy Alive!

“A perfect introduction and reframing of a much-maligned and misunderstood idea. —Stuart Smithers, editor of Black Box

The aim of An Anarchist’s Manifesto is to convince readers of the exact opposite: that anarchism is the most adaptive, humane, intelligent, singly inclusive proposal that we, as social animals, have ever envisioned. Wallis offers a cogent presentation of a transformative approach to living in harmony with others.

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Buzzing with fairies and children who can fly, in Neverland Peter Pan defeats Captain Hook and rescues Wendy and the Lost Boys who return to their lives even while he stays forever young.

Peter Pan: The Hopeland Edition includes the original 1911 text by J. M. Barrie with original illustrations by F. D. Bedford and a preface by Hopeland co-founder Deborra-lee Furness.


Give back this holiday season! All profits from sales of this edition benefit Hopeland.

Fictions of America: The Book of Firsts is absolutely essential; what a transformative reading experience. My first reaction upon finishing Fictions of America: The Book of Firsts:  if only I had this extraordinary volume when I was younger. Second reaction: I am so grateful to have it now.”

—Junot Díaz, Pulitzer-prize winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao 

An unprecedented compendium of milestones in the history of American literature, this anthology presents all of the “first” literary works that broke barriers, inaugurated new traditions. Surprising, thrilling, and charged with the energy of originality and innovation, this eminently teachable collection is a fascinating revelation that enriches our understanding of the origins of our national literature.

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