The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes first appeared as a series of short stories in The Strand magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. The iconic, masterful, incandescent Sherlock Holmes and his loyal accomplice Dr. Watson gained instant popularity and their appeal has never ceased. Sherlock Holmes has been played by more than seventy actors in more than two hundred films, making this character one of the most portrayed creations in the history of literature.

Along with twelve illustrations by Sidney Paget that first appeared in The Strand, this edition includes a newly translated version of the obituary Maurice Leblanc wrote for Doyle and a detailed biographical timeline.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a prolific Scottish writer who created the immortal characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. These masterfully told stories are milestones in the field of crime fiction. His other works include fantasy and science fiction stories about Professor Challenger and humorous stories about the Napoleonic soldier Brigadier Gerard, as well as plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction and historical novels. Doyle was also an advocate for justice, a political reformer, an amateur architect, an avid sportsman, and an avowed Spiritualist.

“Sherlock Holmes…appears to us like a living being, whose existence coincides with ours. We meet him. He is part of the procession of precise figures and familiar silhouettes that subsist around us.”
—Maurice Leblanc

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