Whose Body?

Whose Body?

Dorothy L. Sayer’s first novel, Whose Body, introduced the world to the aristocratic crime fighter Lord Peter Wimsey, who featured in fourteen subsequent novels and short stories. Athletic, scholarly, stylish and sharp, Lord Peter Wimsey became one of the most popular and beloved heroes of the genre. In Wimsey’s first case, he undertakes an investigation to discover the identity and the murderer of a man who is found in a bathtub wearing nothing but a pince-nez. An ingenious and intricate plot follows that essentially announced the advent of a new star in the firmament of detective story, and one of the first magnitude. 

Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957) is best known as the creator of Lord Peter Wimsey. Her blue-blooded sleuth romps cheerfully through 1920s and 1930s high society, solving mysteries among the upper classes of Belgravia and the artistic Bohemians of Bloomsbury. Arguably the best of the leading “Golden Age” crime writers, Sayers once stated that her goal in writing detective fiction was to elevate the mystery novel into a novel of manners. Sayers was also a distinguished theologian and classical scholar whose translations of Dante are still in print today.

“First-rate…marvelous reading.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

“One of the greatest mystery story writers of the [twentieth] century.”
—Los Angeles Times

“She brought to the detective novel originality, intelligence, energy and wit.”
—P. D. James

This handsome edition includes The Great Detectives: Lord Peter Wimsey by Chris Willis, an must-read article for any Lord Wimsey fan, which first appeared in the Strand Magazine.

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